ZEISS Platinum Finish

ZEISS Platinum Finish

No glare. Scratch resistant. Easy to clean.

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Dirt resistant and easy to clean.

ZEISS Platinum Finish AR coating ensures your lenses will resist dirt and grime and prevents the build-up of static electricity so dust and lint are not attracted to the lens surface. The slick coating makes lenses very easy to clean.

Clear and comfortable vision.

Enjoy clear, unimpaired vision with ZEISS Platinum Finish. Reduced reflections and increased wearer comfort, day or night. Glasses also appear more cosmetically attractive for anyone looking at you, whether you’re indoors or outside.

ZEISS Platinum Finish

Platinum Finish AR coating is included with the purchase of ZEISS premium lenses.

Sunglass-level UV protection in all clear lenses.

UV Protect Sunglass Level

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